A guide to Cover Up’s

For the most part tattoos are permanent, but every now and then there comes a time when someone will walk out of a tattoo studio and either hate what they’ve just gotten inked or grow to like it less and less throughout the years. We all have regrets and should-of-could-of moments. Considering that tattoos are forever, a bad tattoo will remind you every time you change your clothes, of the tragedy on your skin. Tattoo cover ups are the answer you’ve been looking for.

At Holy Grail Tattoos we have specialist cover up artists who are very skilled and have a wealth of experiance in this technique. we need to have a consultation with you first so we can see what we are dealing with. Then we will go through your options of design and colours.

Understanding how cover up’s work

When your tattoo was first done, the ink was deposited approximately one millimetre beneath the skin. This layer of skin is called the dermis, the layer below the epidermis(the skin you see).

As your tattoo cover-up gets tattooed, the new ink is also deposited within the dermis, along with the old coloured ink. The pigment in the new inks does not go over the top of the old tattoos pigments, rather it combines the two together. Therefore, the stronger or darker colored ink becomes dominant and lighter colors mix to make new colors altogether. For example: red and blue mixed together, makes purple. The same applies to tattoo ink combining together underneath the skin.

Black is the most effective color to cover up an old tattoo. Although, a black ink tattoo is not very attractive and you may as well have kept your old, horrible tattoo.

When a tattoo artist is designing a tattoo cover up, they consider the color in the old tattoo, mixed with the new inks color. Talented tattoo artist work out a strategy that maximises the use of colors and placement of the new tattoo design over the old one.

Our Cover Up Work